About Me

My name's Rowan and I live in Vancouver, Canada, with my partner, 2 cats, and dog. We're outnumbered.

Professionally, I'm an engineer coming from a design background. I'm big on collaboration and teamwork. If we're gonna build the future, let's have some fun doing it!

I'm particularly interested in frontend development and giving new super powers to people using the products I work on. I want to make fast UIs that give people control and access to their data, often so they can do their jobs well.

What I'm up to

  • Leading frontend engineering at LimaCharlie since September 2020
  • Making stuff in a small woodshop I set up in the summer of 2020 as a socially-distanced hobby
  • Raising a puppy (Beans) and two cats (Chip & Frank) with my partner (Shauna)

Obligatory nugget photos

Me and the Beans Rowan and Beans

Chip and Frank chip-n-frank

Aren't they cute?


  • 10+ years overall experience making websites & web apps
  • 4 years studying interaction design at SIAT
  • 3 years working as a designer / developer at Mobify
  • 5 years working as an engineer, most of them at Bench

Don't be shy to say hello! You can find me around the internets.