About Me

My name's Rowan and I'm from Vancouver, Canada, born and raised. I'm a huge web nerd – I grew up online. When I was a teen I was freaking my parents out by meeting the people I talked to online. I still do that! And now I make stuff on the web too 🤓

I got lucky with my career and chose to do what felt natural: using the web to connect and empower people.

What I'm up to

  • Working at Bench the past 2 years as a front-end software engineer

    • Currently working on the front-end of the web app our customers use
    • Started as the sole dev in the marketing team, grew into a 4-person Growth team
  • Growing the Civic Tech Vancouver community

    • Bringing together people who are interested in the intersection between technology and public life
    • Started the group in Summer 2017
  • Raising two cats, Chip & Frank

    • They are cute and I love them
    • chip-n-frank


  • 8 years overall experience making websites & web apps
  • 4 years studying interaction design at SIAT
  • 3 years working as a designer / developer at Mobify
  • 3 years working as a dedicatedfrontend developer
  • 4 years organizing community events

Don't be shy to say hello! You can find me around the internets.