Hello There!

Iā€™m Rowan Weismiller, from Vancouver, Canada. šŸ‘‹

I love the web! It's fucking awesome. It's connected me with countless people, and empowered me with their ideas. Now I'm returning the favour and using the web to connect and empower others.


For the past couple years I've been working at Bench as a front-end software engineer on the Growth team. I'm helping create the engine that powers the company's growth, and it was recently listed by Deloitte as the 4th fastest growing company in Canada. Not bad!


Find me in the Vancouver community as organizing for Style & Class and Civic Tech Vancouver. Style & Class is about web, while Civic Tech is all about the overlap between civic issues and tech / design.

I also like to find ways to build community at work. Most recently, at Bench I helped organize the annual holiday party as well as a quarterly hackathon.


I studied interaction design for 4 years at SIAT @ SFU before moving on to work for 4 years in tech as a designer and front-end web developer. I've worked with companies like MEC, Mobify, and Iamota.

Right Now

Don't be shy to say hello! You can find me around the internets.